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Schedule Sedation Pre-Op Instructions

We ask that our patients follow these instructions listed below strictly so that the anesthetic treatment can go as planned and in the safest conditions. Any neglect or disregard of these instructions may result in the cancellation of the treatment, which would require postponing potentially important treatment. Children who are given food on day of treatment will lose their deposit.

Drinking & Eating:

Nothing should be ingested after midnight prior to the day of the treatment, unless our anesthesiologist has given you instructions otherwise. Your child can drink clear liquids (water, pedialyte, apple juice, Gatorade, or sport drink) up to 2 hours prior to the procedure. The child should be limited to a maximum of 6 ounces of clear fluids two hours prior to the procedure. Any doubt about clear liquids should be addressed with our staff. ABSOLUTELY NO MILK, SOUP, JUICE with PULP, or NON-CLEAR Liquids


Changes in Health:

We are aware there can be changes in our patient’s health, and it is important to inform our staff if you have a cold or fever. If you are undergoing treatment or your child is, please inform us of any changes in health. We find that it is best for our patient to heal from their cold or cough before receiving treatment.



Please continue prescribed medications at their normal schedule, unless you were instructed by our anesthesiologist to do otherwise. Medications must be only taken with a little bit of clear liquids. We ask our patients taking vitamins, herbal medicines, or non-prescribed meds to refrain from taking them. AGAIN any doubts please confirm with the doctor!


Evening Before:

Please try to get a good nights rest prior to your treatment day. Please be prepared to wear comfortable clothes (loose fitting) for the treatment day. We ask that you wear short sleeve shirts underneath the other attire you might be wearing. For children, we ask that you wear short sleeve shirts and a diaper if age appropriate. Contact Lenses Must Be Removed! Also please put aside a comfortable clean blanket with you. Sometimes it is a great idea to bring an extra set of clothes for the kids being treated.


Day of Procedure/Post Procedure Home:

If your child is being treated we ask that two adults (at least one legal guardian) accompany your child to the office and for the ride home. Please DO NOT TAKE public transportation (bus or train). Please arrive EARLY so that we can ask you some questions, but also so that we can answer any questions that you may have. I have read the above, understand what is required of me, and I agree to follow the instructions. I am also aware that if there are any doubts, I know I can call the staff at Schedule Sedation at 214-308-0486.

Post-Op Instructions

Eating & Drinking:

We understand that our patients are typically hungry after their treatment, but we ask you follow these strict guidelines:

• Start with clear liquids first and promptly wait for 15-20 minutes before eating food. Once tolerating clear liquids the diet can be advanced.

• Please start with simple carbohydrates (crackers, gold fish, or simple cookies).

• After simple carbohydrates are tolerated you can advance the diet. If there were tooth extractions done it is a good idea to refrain from spicy, and hard foods.


We ask that our patients take it very easy, and should expect to be tired for some time after the treatment. For the parents we ask at least one of you to stay by your child’s side while they are sleeping because children may have gait disturbances (off balance/wobbly on their feet) or feel dizzy. We strongly suggest that any strenuous activity be halted for that day (no swimming, no school sports, no driving, and the like). You can return to work or school the following day but we ask you use your judgment. The day of treatment we ask our patients to also refrain from making any business decisions.


Intravenous Site:

All our patients for the most part will have an IV, but one should rest easy because we will take the IV out before being fully alert. A very small group of patients may experience tenderness, or redness in the intravenous site. Should this tenderness, or redness occur we ask you call us immediately at 214-396-5030

Post –Anesthesia Effects:

Common side effects after anesthesia include: drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, soreness (of mouth, jaw, throat), muscle aches, dry mouth and shivering. Sometimes these symptoms can linger for a couple of hours or longer. Typically the kids treated in the evening typically will be far more sleepier simply because it may be same time frame as their nap schedule.


When to Call:

If vomiting doesn’t seem to subside and occurs more than four separate occasions in less than 4 hours. Please call if the temperature elevates rapidly or remains elevated, and if your child is unable to drink liquids at home. Remember we are here for you, so call us with any questions! Schedule Sedation at 214-308-0486.

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