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Easily Schedule Anesthesia for your Practice.

Quickly find a time that works for your office and patients.  Book and take patient payment in real-time.

Not just for hospitals and ASCs

Implementing sedation into your dental practice can be as easy as the click of a button.

Helping practices thrive.

Automate your front office.

With a focus on innovation, Schedule Sedation offers a HIPPA-compliant, one-stop automated system to book anesthesia services and facilitate practice growth.

Schedule in Real-Time.

With direct access to our anesthesiologists' calendar, coordinate and schedule a surgery time that works for your office & patient.

Easily Credential your Office Online.

Our application process is easy and completely automated. Our cloud-based software will ensure you have the right system in place to provide the best patient care. 

5-Minute Health History Profile

Once the appointment is scheduled, patients receive an email with a link to complete their health history profile. This allows us to be sure your patient is healthy and ready for anesthesia services.

Get Started
Schedule in Real-Time
Easily Credential
5-minue health history
How can we help

How can Schedule Sedation help your practice?


We've automated the scheduling process between
Practice, Anesthesia Specialist & Patient.


Our real-time scheduler is always up to date so you can book with confidence.

Personal Care

Each of our doctors take the time to thoroughly review all health history information and discuss with the patient prior to surgery.


The anesthesiologists' we work with provide quality care and service for a competitive rate.

Keep patients & production in the comfort of your office.



$700 1st hour

$550 every hour after that

6 Hour Procedure Length
5.5 Hour Procedure Length
5 Hour Procedure Length
4.5 Hour Procedure Length
4 Hour Procedure Length
3.5 Hour Procedure Length
3 Hour Procedure Length
2.5 Hour Procedure Length
2 Hour Procedure Length
1.5 Hour Procedure Length
1 Hour Procedure Length

Credential you office today!

Fill out our online application form so you can begin scheduling with us.

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